MABS Submitted Comments on NIMH’s Draft Strategic Plan

The National Institute of Mental Health is updating its Strategic Plan for Research to guide the Institute’s research efforts and priorities over the next five years. The NIMH recently sought feedback from the public about the draft plan, available at

MABS shared NIMH’s high-level goals with our members and encouraged members to review the draft plan and submit comments. The high-level goals are:

  1. Define the Brain Mechanisms Underlying Complex Behaviors
  2. Examine Mental Illness Trajectories Across the Lifespan
  3. Strive for Prevention and Cures
  4. Strengthen the Public Health Impact of NIMH-Supported Research

MABS submitted comments, as did two members: Past President and current Advisory Board Member Lilian Rosenbaum, LCSW-C, PhD, BCB, and Hogan Pesaniello, MD, current Board Member. Click here for all three sets of comment: Comments on NIMH’s Strategic Plan

We welcome your feedback on the comments submitted to NIMH. If you are a member who also submitted comments and would like to add yours to this post, please let Bea Haskins know.